Hello March!

Hello March!

silvercoast-1Excitement fills the air when gardens come back to life
Prime garden season is almost here. Wildflowers start peeking their heads above the soil throughout the Silver Coast. It’s time to start preparing gardens, getting new plants to fill holes or add color, applying fertilizer, cleaning pruners, removing weeds. Spring is almost here, bringing longer days, fresh blooms and annual garden chores. So let’s get hands on approach and prepare our gardens in March:

1. Sowing and planting hardy annuals, herbaceous perennials and summer-flowering bulbs, preparing the soil first to ensure that drainage is sufficient to prevent the bulbs rotting. March is still a quite wet month, so we need to make sure soils are well ventilated.

2. Cutting back ornamental grasses and other perennials to make way for new growth, removing old leaves of benches that produce flowers, pruning trees and shrubs, and dividing clumps of herbaceous perennials that we want to propagate.

3. Preparing plant beds by adding in organic matter and fertilizer. Removing the weeds, which will now start to come back in to growth, will allow new plants to thrive. Protect new spring shoots from slugs.

4. Mowing the lawn on dry days.

5. It’s now time to clean paths, patios and steps with a pressure washer and/or chemical cleaner and bring the garden furniture back to life!

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